Family Guidance Services

Free counselling services for individuals, couples, youth and families

  • we welcome individuals, youth, families, children and step families struggling with variety of issues; groups are provided as well

Youth counselling provided in Middle Schools and High School

Youth outreach working with MCFD referred youth

  • promotes the personal, educational, and social development of young people between the age of 12 and 25 years determined to be in need of service by the Ministry for Children and Family Development
  • builds relationships with youth which enable them to explore and make sense of their experiences, challenges, and to plan and take action

Family Supervision

  • provides opportunities for children to maintain safe, positive, culturally sensitive and child friendly contact with their families
  • provides family members and caregivers a safe, health environment in which to have positive interaction with children during visits
  • referrals through Ministry for Children and Family Development, and by private referrals

Triple-P Parenting

Rainbows Grief and Loss Program for children 5-12

  • a 12-week support group for children who have suffered a significant loss in their lives, either by death; divorce; or any other painful transition
  • within the support group, the goal is to assist the children in expressing and understanding their feelings, to feel acceptance for what has happened and to feel a sense of belonging and love

Connect Parenting Group for parents of teens

  • a 10-week program to support parents of pre-teens and teens
  • parents meet in small groups (10-16) with two trained group leaders for 1.5 hours each week
  • each session provides parents with a new perspective on parent-teen relationships and adolescent development

Parent Teen mediation

Relationship Violence Program

Integrated Health Network Counselling for adults with multiple difficulties

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